The Upper Triad Association is a non-profit educational organization established in 1974 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Upper Triad Association has published over 1,500 articles and commentaries, initially through a series of monthly and bi-monthly journals and special issues, then through a series of topical issues, and now through a series of books. The Upper Triad Material covers a wide range of subjects, concerned primarily with philosophy, psychology, religion, spirituality, and theosophy.

Despite coincidentally relocating to the Piedmont-Triad region of North Carolina in 2005 and to the Triangle region of North Carolina in 2008, the Association derives its name from the ancient theosophical description of the human soul as a Trinity or Triad. The upper triad or upward-pointing triangle represents and symbolizes the triune soul or God-within, i.e., Father-Son-and-Holy Spirit. The logo of the Upper Triad Association expands upon this, by representing both the upper and lower triads and their relationships. In this sense, the lower triad or lower-pointing triangle consists of the body, the emotions, and the lower mind. And the upper triad consists of the higher mind, the ( true ) intuition, and spiritual will. The combination of upper and lower triads represents the entire human being in incarnation and symbolizes the need for the human being to achieve communion with Christ. The seven numerals represent the seven rays and indicate their relationships among one another ( see the Upper Triad Material for more information on the seven rays ).

From 1974, members of the Association were primarily engaged in a spiritually-minded journey and associated service that embraced their understanding and practice of metaphysics and theosophy. In 1994, the Association underwent a major transformation in which most of the group continued on an intellectual journey ( leaving the Association ), while a few embraced a new, more heart-centered path. Thus the Association began to embrace its Christian roots, placing metaphysics and theosophy in a more gentle, more Christian context. The Association offices are currently located near Raleigh, North Carolina at the home of its president.

The Association does not charge for any of its products or services or activities. The Association has more than sufficient operating funds and no longer accepts donations.

From the beginning in 1974 and through most of its existence, the Upper Triad Association was an organization with a small formal ( staff ) membership and a fairly large informal membership consisting of subscribers to the Upper Triad publications. Since all of the Upper Triad Material is now available through the website, we no longer send out printed materials and therefore we no longer have "subscribers" and so there is no longer any informal membership.

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